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Co-painting a mural at a creative hub in Sanur, Bali.



Are you the answer?
Can you mend a broken heart
with your melodies?

Can I believe in you?
Or will you let me down too?

Will your chords caress me?
Staccato kisses
echo in empty rooms

I dream of stoking your neck
tickling your strings
with gentle fingers
and a strong soul.


Reams and reams
of tears stream.
I collapse
on the floor
and scream.
Why oh why
did you do this to me?

You broke my heart
You shattered my joy
You stole my “I”

You promised to
walk with me
into infinity.

We agreed
to be a team
to build a
collaborative dream.

Jail Break


Sly suit guy squirms
adjusts his tie
and slips me a knowing smile.

You found a better box
with more dollar signs?

hasn’t even crossed my mind.

He squints his corporate eyes.
“Seriously? How will you survive?”
“I won’t. I’m going to thrive.”

And just like that,
I walked away from my nine to five.
no longing willing to live
according to someone else’s design.

See yah later budget meetings,
timesheets and deadlines.
Bye bye beige box
where creativity
goes to die.

Six figures isn’t enough
to buy my smile.


a simple mind
is easy to please

quench your desires
with the space in between

gaze at butterfly wings
and forgotten pineapples
in the street

see the beauty
in everything

scruffy kittens creep
along jagged walls
and cracked concrete

why on earth
did I need
all these things?

more tv
isn’t the answer
for me

wasting time
observing a
false reality

I’d rather listen
deep inside of me
connect with new friends
learn to sing

I’m Ready

I’m ready to
let you go
Dark, sad
Tales of woe

Who’s to blame
And so and so

Who did this
And who did that

I don’t give
A rat’s

You will not
Stand in my way

Turns out
I had

Time ticked by
As I cried and cried

Gardens grew
And troops withdrew

And still…
I held on to you

Change my mind
Change my life.

Did I ever even have
So much strife?

Memories fade

As palm trees sway

The time has come
To break through

To start again
To amend

How I see my past

Actually, my life’s
been a blast!

How did I
Forget all the
Smiles and laughs?

Dark clouds dissipate
As I change my
Mental state

Sunny skies ensue.

Angry Love Letter

You little shit
With a dirty hat
and cool rims

You think you
know me
But you only
know yourself

A quitter
a small thinker
you’ll probably
never go

Keep playing
at that lame ass bar
with no customers
See where you end up
in a few years.

Run away from
possibilities and
You aren’t strong enough.


Just as I suspected
Something came up
It was unexpected

You can’t come now
No money
No time
You changed your mind

“Maybe later” you drone
Can you please postpone?
Can you withhold
Your desires
Until we’re old?

I’m in the zone
I know
You’ll never be ready
I must go alone.

Unwritten Song

So many
songs up
my sleeve

Stories to weave
Into a beat

Words wobble
Overflowing drabble

Flows unto the sheet
Need notes
To be complete

That Guy

My heart
skips a beat

its hard
to breathe

sick from
fluttering wings

have I completely
lost my mind

is this
the real thing?

how can we
live our dreams
with no green?

I didn’t think
I was looking

for someone
with crooked teeth

drifting through time
sitting on the street

strums and hums

eternal hugs
full soul

can I be satisfied
with a simple smile?

I want more
d minor


What the fuck
Am I going to do?

I’ve racked my mind
And sprained my brain
after paper
In vain

Green notes
Evade my grasp
How long will
My savings last?

I need a plan
I need it now!
Where is my
cash cow?

I know!
I could do what
I’ve done before.
Park in my
comfort zone
Where’s there’s
money galore.

I could live
Forever in
laptop land
Clicking keys
In lue of
My dreams.

I could keep
Climbing the
Corporate ladder
I know the way up


Maybe I’ll take the
Curly slide down
Then parachute
out of town.

Over the sea
I’ll flee.
Take time
To just be.
Skip and dance
And sing with glee.

Maybe I’ll
Laugh and play
Take some time
To find my way.

34 times
Around the sun
I’ve spun
In all that time
Look what I’ve done!

Guard Your Art

Guard your art
With all your heart

Bleach your true colors
So they are out of reach

Make your voice
A whisper

Until you are
Only a shadow

Who put you in
this jail?

Tame your toes
Squash them in shoes
don’t let them move

Bind your fingers and thumbs
Shhhhhh. don’t hum or strum

Trap your voice
You have no choice

Bule Complain Complain

My pineapple’s too pointy
my room isn’t square enough

I’d like my egg with a triangle yolk
please tell those chickens outside to shut up!

buck buck buck and cluck cluck cluck
I’ll start my day when I want to get up.

the sun’s in my eyes
these nuisance flies!

can you tone down the spice?
can you heat up my rice?

rain drops ruin my hair
why do the taxi men always stare?

wipe that smile off your face!
can’t you see
the world’s a terrible place

in my world there is never enough!
too much of this and too much of that

can someone clean up these fallen flowers?
they have no right to decorate my path

Inside My Mind

Thoughts drift by

Should I still try?
Am I doing it right?

Why do you
Continue to fly
Through my mind?

Go away
Fuck you
No thanks
Take me off your list
I know your bag of tricks

By bullshit

Self sabotage
Is the most common form

Self Doubt

Bob around
through my thoughts

Take me off your list
I’m sick of being dissed

Drown out
Your sound

Unfounded frown

At last,
I Drift into bliss

I’ve found my bliss
Outside your kiss

No one left
To impress
But me

Mango Man

Mango man
Sasyhes towards me
Mind and spirit
Wild and free

Keep going
He sings
Don’t give up
on your dream

You’re my
my pineapple girl
Sweet and spiky
Full of soul
You are here
To inspire us all

Twist your hips
Tap your toes
Tempt me
Tease me
With your song

Spank your bass
Swirl around
You’ll end up
On higher ground

Mango man
Sasyhes towards me
Mind and spirit
Wild and free

Keep going
He sings
Your dream is
Closer than you think

When you get there
Don’t forget about me.

Sleeping on the Beach

serendipity beckons

impromptu soup
avocado swirls
a tiny table appears
wiped clean
just for me

bean bag
chairs on the beach
who knew there
were bean bag tables too?

sleep in the sand
white saucer in the sky
shining her rays
on the wet stillness

sneak into a hotel
at 1 am
no one there to let me in
just turn the key in the door
and jump in bed

no towel
no problem
wrap the blanket
around my head

welcomed by a family
bamboo piano rings
bing bing bing
ching ching ching

baby girl plays
the piano escapes
her grasp
tantrum appeased
by a pink balloon

should I stay or should I go?
down the coast
or wait for the dolphins

water pounds down
cascades from the mountain
what a great way
to wash my clothes
the coffee stains
are long gone

art zoo
every corner
smothered in color
silk screens and statues
guard the coast

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